Caterpillar Piston Manufacturers’ Casting Numbers vs. Part Numbers

Casting numbers in the skirt or body of the piston may not represent the actual part number of which the casting has been machined.

Depending on the manufacturer, one piston casting could be used for more than one final part number.

Example: 1073565 casting being machined into a 1073565 (piston with one valve relief) or into a 1654262 (piston with two valve reliefs)

Examples of another manufacturer’s casting numbers recorded that are also active part numbers are:

• 7E7600 (3400 series)

• 1073565 (3300 series)

Piston part numbers MUST be taken from the crown of the piston where the part number is usually stamped, etched or inked and NOT from the skirt or bottom of the piston body where it may be cast in.